Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I am going home for spring break and I am guilty of starting my fun time a little too early. I showed up at my moms super drunk and of course horny as ever.

My uncles where waiting there for me ready to stuff all my holes. As soon as I walked in, wearing my tiny jean skirt and half tank top showing my tummy they where ready to pounce.

I knew I needed to assume the position to get ready for my gangbang of horny hot uncles. I got on my hands and knees and stuck my bare holes out ready for them to fill me up and fuck me hard.

They took turns using me as a human pocket pussy fucking my holes deep and hard. I loved feeling the two uncles pounding their cocks in my from behind stretching me ass and pussy wide.

My mouth as wide open and tears, spit, and snot ran down my face as my other uncle beat his big long meat stick down my throat. I am ready for spring cum loads non stop this spring break!

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