Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My sons have been bugging me about making a video of us all having a good time getting really kinky and naughty. I have ignored their request and decided to throw them off by having one of my guy friends over to keep me company tonight.

As soon as we got into my bedroom I pushed him onto my bed and pulled his cock out so that I could lather it with my saliva. I sucked him deep down my throat hard and fast. I wanted him so badly. I got my horny little hot pussy on top of him and forced him deep inside of me.

I begged him to pound my pussy and let me ride his cock. As I felt his load busting all inside of me I looked by my dresser and saw a red dot and a tiny camera. I acted like I never saw it and rushed to my boys room. I opened their door fast and saw them with their cocks out and their tv on watching me!

They are so naughty video taping their mommy fucking! Time for me to take care of those dicks.

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