Dirty phone talk

I have been planning this day for a while now, especially since it involves my son. I thought it would be cute to dress my self up with some bunny ears and nothing more, then to walk into my sons room with a basket of special goodies. My son would then have everything in his basket to please his mommy with things like hand cuffs, dildos, vibrators, special lotions and sprays. I walk into his room and he just freezes. He begins to look up at my tits down to my bald pussy. His hand wraps around my ass as he begins to kiss me up and down. I am then lifted to his bed where he begins using one of his treats from his basket on me. He hand cuffs my hands together and begins having his way with me, licking and eating out my holes as his fingers make there way inside of me like a bowling ball. Once my son fingered me enough to make his fingers all pruned. I decided to make him fuck mommas tight wet pussy. I got on all fours as he pounded my wet cunt hard and fast. He grabbed my ass cheeks with one hand and spanked me with the other. My son knows how to pleasure me so well that I squirted all over his giant cock moaning and begging for him to put his baby gravy all inside of me. My son cant resist me and he did exactly what I wanted. He filled my holes up with his cum and used every toy in the basket in the process. All I can say is that I am going to be one sore cum filled bitch.

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