Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My father fell asleep last night at my house since he got really plastered watching the game at my house. He fell asleep on my couch and I couldn’t help but notice his huge erection coming out of his pants. My curiosity got the best of me since I had always wanted to see what my fathers cock looked like. I went up to him and poked him really fucken hard a couple times telling him to wake up to see if he would actually get up. To my surprise there was not one response he just kept sleeping. I quickly took advantage of that moment and began unzipping his pants. I grabbed his underwear lining and behold, I pulled out his fat thick huge cock. I was in awe. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life in person. I could not resist the urge to suck on his huge cock head since it was so beautiful. I placed my little lips around his cock and began sucking it inside my mouth. Or at least I tired to since it was just so big. I stroked his cock with one hand and licked his balls with my tongue. I was having a blast it was like a Christmas present. Once I was finished sucking and stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life, I figured I could try and take it out for a test spin since It would then completely kill my curiosity of his cock. Plus my pussy was really wet and begging for a cock. I quickly took off my panties leaving my shirt on and climbed on top of my father . His cock was still wet from my mouth, I grabbed his cock with my hands and helped guide it inside of me. At first it felt ok but the more I slide down his cock the more it hurt, It was just way to big. I slowly began riding his giant dick, trying not to go so deep since it hurt a lot. I was surprised on how great my dads cock felt since well it my father. I placed my hands on his chest and began riding him like a crazy bitch. My ass was bouncing up and down his cock and I could feel my self getting ready to cum. I let out a big moan and tried to go all the way down his cock, and it was a success. I got off my father and fixed him all up so he would never know what just happened. I guess this will be my secret unless he one day wakes up and finds out.

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