Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

 I am in my home office hard at work trying to focus but I can not help that my pussy is so soaking wet. It is needing a good pounding from a fat cock. I pull up some porn on my computer and spread my bare pussy. I start fucking my wetness not even paying attention to how loud it is.

My son barges in because he heard the noise and I am caught wet handed, from it being soaked in my pussy cum. He tells me that he can help me with my problem. He lifts me up and puts me on my desk and starts to rub his juicy cock head against my swollen horny pussy.

He inserts his cock head into my hole and takes a huge thrust into me. My pussy clamps around his dick. I beg him to fuck mommy hard and deep. He keeps pumping himself harder and deeper inside of me. My pussy is cumming over and over again on his cock.

I get on my hands and knees and decide to take care of that cock by drinking his cum down. Mmm thank you babe for helping mommy out.

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