Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My son is becoming more handsome by the day, and sometimes just looking at him makes my cunt get super wet, especially when he has his shirt off and he is doing his chores. He has never had a father figure in his life but I’m sure I have taught him a lot of things that are important like how to pleasure a woman with his cock, Or how to properly let a girl deep  throat his giant cock. I think I have taught him a lot of valuable lessons especially since he knows how to make his mom cum all over his cock multiple times. I love riding his cock hard making him beg as my pussy swallows his giant cock, especially when he pulls out and feeling his cock slide in and out of my wet mommy pussy. I love how my son plays with my tits and how he knows how to be soft yet rough as he titty fucks me. I guess I have made a man ,one that likes to pleasure his mom, I need to top talking about this and tell him to cum inside since mommy is just really horny and needing some yummy delicious cock.

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