Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I love being super kinky with my brother. He is driving me around town about to drop me off at a friends house and I can not stop myself. He looks so hot. I reach over while he is driving and grip his cock in my hand.
His cock is so swollen. I lean over to give him some sloppy and sticky road head. I love flicking his cock all over my tongue. It is throbbing hard for my mouth. I pump his whole cock in and out of my throat. I love the way he taste.
We finally arrive at my friends house and tells me I am not leaving until I get his cum out. I climb over to his seat with my pants off and straddle his cock. I push him inside of me and start riding his cock. I love how his bare cock feel inside my pussy.
I bounce up and down the length of his cock squeezing his shaft into me. I can feel his load about to rupture inside of me. I try and hope off to eat his cum out of his cock but he forces my body down on his cock. He is making me take his dick and all of his cum.
There is always that rule when someone gives you a ride- gas or ass? Well I guess I will start having him take me more places and I will just offer up my holes to him whenever he wants. I mean after all, I love my brothers cock. Now I get to walk around with a cum filled pussy hole.

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