Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI was being a bad girl while I was at school toady. I was sexting some guy but then I actually sent some of my messages to the wrong person. That person happens to be my daddy. I was so nervous to go home today. When I saw daddy, he was sitting on the couch with his cock out.

He asked me why I was such a slut and if those messages were for him. I lied and said yes. Next thing I know I am being  forced down to my whore knees with my daddy’s dick 9 inches down my throat. He has such a huge cock. I pumped him harder down my throat and once my jaw was sore I offered up my pussy hole.

I got on all fours and let my daddy take my pussy however he wants. Once I got his cum load he took my phone and saw that I had lied. Now I am going to get extra tough punishing.

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