Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Talking WomenI hear of dirty talking women. But I think I am beyond that. I think that I am a freaky deaky talking woman. When I hear other women talking about guys and sex I just shake my head. When I talk about guys and sex I talk about being beaten, tortured, and hopefully fingers crossed snuffed out one day. These are the things I think about when I play with myself. When I lay down at night I dream of these wicked scenarios. I think of ways I can cock tease a man so much then turn him down like a prude little bitch when he advances. Hopeing he will get so pissed and his sexual aggression comes out. Taking me, beating the shit out of me and forcing me to get fucked hard by his cock. Other girls be talking about and sweet and gentle their men are. I laugh and I think what pussy’s they must be to not take what they want from a bitch. Any man who treats me with respect loses my respect. I want a real man who will throw me around and show me the reason why you all are the stronger sex. Use me as your sex toy for your pleasure. The wife not willing to do certain things? No worries here I will do anything, and say no to nothing. The crazier the better. The more wicked, and brutal you get with me the more my body cums, cums, cums! So if you are looking for a sweet sensual time go find one of those lame bitches to take home. If want a woman who you can bend to your will, and give a good ole fashion beat down to. Then baby come look for me I am waiting for abuse, and degradation.

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