Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

Well Halloween is approaching and it’s the weekend and every college slut is awaiting they’re turn to make an appearance in a really slutty costume. I figured I would do the same especially since I am really bad when it comes to peer pressure. So I  called my brother up since he has great taste when it comes to picking out costumes. So we went to a party store and I found this really sexy revealing maid outfit. It came with pantyhose a g string and a lacy corset that made my tits look gigantic.

My brother couldn’t believe his eyes, I could tell since he pitched a tent in his pants. His cock was huge and throbbing, he gave me the look. I looked back at him like, really right here? So we made our way back into the changing booth where he then unzipped his pants exposing his hard large mushroom.

I got on my knees and began sucking and licking his delicious cock. My brother just kept still as I stroked and sucked his large cock. Once it was wet enough he bent me over and shoved his thick throbbing cock deep into my ass spreading my cheeks as he began fucking my ass hole open. I couldn’t help scream ouch! As he stuffed his huge cock inside of me, my brother didn’t want any one to know what was going on so he covered my mouth with his hand and continued to plow me hard against the wall.

I stared into the mirror as my brother worked his cock deep inside of me, I just stared at my self getting fucked and thinking how sexy this costume looked on me, and how amazing my tits looked as they bounced up and down. Until finally my brother came deep into my ass hole letting it ooze out of my ass hole and down my leg. I guess I choose the right costume since my brother didn’t have any complaints.

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