Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI am with a bunch of guys and we are just hanging out. They are playing video games when they could be play with me! So of course, I am a little bit of an attention whore. I take my top off and start dancing around, begging for them to get throbbing hard in their pants. I love those big fat cocks!

I drop down to my hands and knees and give each one of them some attention. I take one cock out after the other and start popping it into my mouth. Each cock tastes so good. I let them fuck my throat and they make my throat lubed up with hot cum.

Now it is time for my pussy and ass hole to get fucked open and stuffed full of cummies! I grind my pussy into a big fat cock, riding it up and down. I am going to make him bust all over my slutty little face when that cock is ready to nut. I love dicks and cum. Cum and dicks!

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