Dirty phone talk

Dirty Talking Women Do you like a Dirty talking Women? Good because I have a story for you. My cousin Michelle and I we are both submissive dirty whores. We get together with our masters and it turns into a lot of freakiness. They always let either Michelle or I dom the other one. The last time we got together they picked me to be her bitch. And her bitch I was. She is a cute little blonde whore but a sadistic little bitch when she is allowed to be. She reminds me of master a bit but does not hold a candle to master’s dominate sadistic side. Michelle is a fister and not just with my cunt but with my ass and mouth too. One time she got her fist and past her wrist into my mouth. I had drool pouring out of my mouth. Her fingers she opened them up in my throat making me gaging. My eyes watered up and snot was coming out of my nose. I every time I gasped for air she wiggled her fingers making me want to puke. Then she finally took her fist out I could barely catch my breath before she rammed her fist deep into my cunt hard as hell I could feel my cunt tearing and the only lube was my drool. I screamed it hurt so fucking much. I could hear her master and mine laughing at us. Yelling what stupid worthless whores we were. I love it when master talks so shitty about me it makes my pussy such a soaking wet fucking mess. Michelle’s fist and halfway up her forearm were disappearing into my gaping soaked cunt. I exploded all over the place, She was right on my g-spot pounding it with her fist. I could not stop squirting. I passed out and when I woke up I had my master’s cock shoved in my mouth.

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