dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI keep daddy satisfied and make him happy whenever he’s away. Daddy works hard and is always out of town for his career. When Daddy is home, I give them all my holes I let him put his dick in every slot he wants. Daddy likes my anal hole the most because it’s tight and never used. The only dick that has been in my anal hole is Daddy’s. Daddy knows my brother’s love my twat. My mouth is also very close second. My baby girl twat drives him wild though. Daddy doesn’t know what to do with himself because every time he starts to fuck me, he comes quickly. Daddy loves that I can be his perfect whore point blank period .when he’s gone in a way I like to spice things up and have dirty phone talk with him. I care about Daddy’s loads and want to make sure that they are all released at all times even when I’m not present.

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