Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I have been craving for my cunt to be filled with cum all day today. The problem is that my son is no where to be seen since he is hanging out with his buddies.I  frankly can’t wait any longer, my pussy is throbbing and is leaking mommy cum all over the floor.

My nipples are hard and my tits are aching begging to be sucked and man handled. I have no other option but to call my son and tell him that momma needs him at home since there is an emergency. Once my son gets home I am going to have him bend me over in the kitchen and fuck me in which ever hole his desires the most, ill even let him try both and tell me which one he loves more. I want him to pump his cock in all of my holes until mommy has enough baby gravy dripping down her thighs.

I want my son to make me be the cum whore that I have always been. Well my son is at the door I guess it’s time to get my holes stuffed and fucked.

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