Dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talkEvery man needs nasty slutty Susan, I’m the type of woman who knows all about Dirty phone talk!!! I have no limits and nothing is ever too taboo for a trashy whore like me. Follow me, downstairs I’ve got a little surprise up my sleeve, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and I’m sure it isn’t a surprise that your cock will be growing! Tied up like a piggy, she’s perfectly waiting for us to come to teach her how to please a man. She came to me, told me that she wanted me to teach her things and she couldn’t ask anyone else but me. Where she was going with that, I already knew what she wanted. My cunt started to moisten, as those words left her sweet little mouth. “I want to be submissive, I want to be a sex slave. Please please please teach me how to please a man.” She was whiny and desperate, and her tiny body was shaking as I ordered her to get undressed. I warm her up by kissing her face, her neck, slowly going down to her growing and budding nipples. I use my tongue, her nipples are hard and her little moans are making me wetter and wetter. I slid my hand down to her bald little slut rubbing her clit which only makes her squirm around helplessly! I love having her in this position. She’s wrapped around my finger and we are about to be the perfect Dirty Talking Women once I’m done training her sweet cunt ass and mouth. She will regret begging me so much for lessons on how to be a whore once she has cum dumped down her throat and filling both holes too. Nothing makes a girl feel more like a cum dumpster than being used for every load.

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