Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My master has been watching way to many scary movies where he felt compelled to torture me much like the women in the movies he has been watching. He tied my hands and feet and began to poke me with needles in the arm or in the ass or in the legs. I had to keep telling him how much I love him and how none of this hurt’s becase I am tough and I do what my master says. My master began shocking me with a device he had, that was made from a tooth brush that spun but instead this time it shocked. He began shocking my clit over and over again telling me what a nasty whore I was and he instructed me to repeat that back to him as he tortured me. He put me on a sex swing and began fucking my ass while he shocked my tits or my pussy. I would scream as my master began fucking me harder and faster making my holes cum hard and reamain sore for some reason. I begged him to shock me more and more telling him how much I loved it when my master would torture me. I begged for him to piss and shit in my eyes while he tazed me since I am such a nasty discusting whore that will do anything to please her master. I guess My master is making me into, to much of a freak since I love the way it hurts.

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