Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I snuck over to my brothers dorm and I got into his room. I really wanted to fuck his brains out but I wanted to surprise him. I slipped into his closet and peaked out and waited for him to get there. It took no time for him to show up. I was about to bust out until I saw that he brought back a girl.

I normally have no care in the world who he fucks, since I am the best fuck he can get. Who does not like a tight little wet sister pussy? So I decided to observe things and see what happens. I get a good look at the girl and it is actually one of my friends. I had a feeling she was being nice to me to only get with my bro.

I guess I was right, she is now climbing on his bed and taking her top off, trying to course him over there to fuck her. I can not take watching this. Her pants slide off and she is really eager to get his cock. She does not even bother to suck it or stroke it. I immediately hop out of the closet.

She gets so frantic that she darts pants less out of the room. My brother looks at me and smiles. I was not going to let him fuck that bitch. I get on my hands and knees and start fucking that cock nice and hard. I know how he likes it slipper and wet in my wet warm mouth. I am going to take care of him.

I play with his nuts and suck his cock all the way down my throat. Never have a bitch do my job. I finally stood up and pushed him on to his bed. I straddled his cock and began to fuck him hard. He does not even need to use hands since I am that good at stroking his cock off inside of me.

I bounce harder and faster up and down him, making my tits bounce back and forth. He looks at my little waist take his cock deeper, moving back and forth on him. He likes my tight little pussy stroking him up and down. I am going to make him bust!

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