Dirty Phone Talk About Daughters

Dirty Phone Talk

I love some dirty phone talk regarding my young daughters and all the things I’d love to see you do to them! I bet we can come up with some intense, explosive anal play! If nor nothing more than to scare them to fucking death, count me in! I get so turned on when I force my oldest to dress in her harlequin checkerboard cat suit with the ass and pussy slit all cut out for the perfect access to her stupid young little cunt. The fucking pussy drools any time a cool breeze hits it, so you know damn well when I load her up on a breeding bench and line her up with a fuck machine so she can practice for my gang rape fantasies that she’s pouring a fucking river from that tiny cunt. While her little baby doll asshole is getting pounded away, I make sure my younger daughter gets set up with a sparkler sticking out of her ass! I hope the sparks and embers hit her and singe that silky little skin she has. The more it hurts, the wetter she gets. And the wetter she gets, the easier these little cunts are to breed. Step right up, breed a small submissive girl.


No Limits Phone Sex

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