Dirty phone talk being the mommy I know how to be

dirty phone talk

I am going to the mall to do some shopping and on my way out my son begged to come with me. I wanted to tell him no since he has been rather naughty but I thought to myself- why not have some fun with him. We arrived at the mall and the very first place I go is to a pantie and bra shop. He gets really excited because he thinks that I am going to be the one trying on panties. I laugh to myself, as I pick out a few panties in the drawers. He follows me back into the dressing room, and tells me how hungry he is.

I take my top down and let him sink his lips into my silky, milky hard nipples. He makes them so long as he tugs all the milk out of my encouraged tittes. He makes mommy supper wet when he sucks my nipple into his pallet. I noticed that mommies milk makes his cock grow, so I love to let him milk me all he wants. I tell him now it’s time for panties. He gets really excited as he sits back on the bench.

“No hunny come on you are going to try these on for mommy.” He looks at me and does not protest. He slips himself into the panties and his cock is so huge that the panties start to tear around his cock. I laugh, and squeeze my nipple in between my fingers as I shoot my milk out at his cock. It grows instantly when I speak him in my liquid gold. He made these nipples so hard and big, so why doesn’t me sweetie bend of this bench. I pull his panties down and I shove my nipple right into his ass.

I start fucking his butthole with my long nipples, squirting my milk up his ass. I’m going to fill him up with my milk! His cock is on the verge of exploding, so I get on my hands and knees and I start tonging his sweet little tight ass hole. The milk drains right into my mouth. I need my sweeties milk to coat mommies big tits! I turn him around and I let him squeeze his sticky milky cum all over me! Yeah I am glad I brought him, but now what do I do with these panties that he made a hole in? Guess he gets to wear them home so that I can play more with him!

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