Dirty Phone Talk Can Get You Off

I’m always fucking so turned on when I engage in dirty phone talk and hear how fucking excited your getting! I can’t help it as a dirty cum whore tease it’s just second nature for me.I love to sit and play with my wet pussy as I listen to your fantasy phone sex ideas and share my filthy fucking stories also. Do you fucking blame me? It’s like so fucking hot!

My first time doing a naughty phone sex call was with a boyfriend and I was sitting at the airport early in the morning waiting to be allowed in the gates. People were camped out and it was somewhat desolate and  sat on a bench and just frigged away at my swollen click and even at one moment let out a fairly loud moan as I felt my panties moisten! It was pretty fucking hot and I was so fucking in need of cock that I found a maintenance guy and propositioned him into taking me somewhere and fucking me.

I didn’t fucking care about no damned condom and knew I chose the right guy! I swear his rod was so stiff for me as he walked by and I was getting into my call I knew he wanted some of this white girl cunt and I was willing to give it to him if he had the fuckstick I needed to hit my fucking womb. I wanted that bitch of a cock to bottom fucking out in my cunt and to make my pussy juice saturate that big black cock. I think it was one of the best fucks I’ve had.

I let him cum deep inside my snatch and asked him to send in a pathetic white guy to clean my cunt up. I know you have a grunt around that you would love to make suck your spunk out of my cunt. I was turned on even more to sit on this fuckers face and make him shove his tongue deep inside my sloppy hole and clean me out.

Dirty Phone Talk


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