Dirty phone talk erotic moments

Dirty phone talk   I am so hoping you enjoy dirty phone talk as much as I do. I got a call from my brother last night. I was so surprised because he has been gone for a few weeks. I was totally excited to hear from him. He told me that he was back in town and on his way to my house to pick me up. We had phone sex while he was driving to my house. He wanted my pussy to be soaked by the time he got to my place. He told me to get naked and get on all fours, to fuck my pussy with my fingers until he got there. He then came in with my ass up in the air. He started to lick my pussy and finger me. He was teasing me so bad I wanted his cock to fill me up. He whispered he had a surprise for me. We drove about thirty minutes to a location I never even knew of. He blind folded me and told me we were taking a bath on the roof with this gorgeous view. When we arrived I was stunned, It was a hot sexy erotic moment that I will never forget. We took a bath in this huge tub washed each others body and I got that incest cock to finally fill my holes.

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