Dirty Phone Talk For Christmas

Dirty Phone Talk

My gift to you this year is better than anything your stupid wife left under your tree; I’ve got the gift of dirty phone talk, and this is one hot fuck session you’re not going to want to miss. I’m a hot and horny BBW steamy and tight in her mid twenties, and all I want is to give you my soaking wet, hot twat. You and I both know you would do almost anything just for a chance to lick this pink kitty cat I have for you between my thick, supple thighs. I’m just going to go ahead and let you have it today, baby. You can walk right in, and settle right down, and let me sit in that lap of yours.

Let my kiss you slowly from your collar bone to your jawline. I’ll nip at your lips, and purr like a kitten all while winding you up like a spin top. I want you starving for a taste of me, more than you are this very moment. The more you want me, the harder you moan and beg, the wetter I’m going to get. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To get nasty with a dripping wet BBW slut like me?

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