Dirty Phone Talk Gets Me Off

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best, aren’t they? They have no morals and let you know exactly what they are thinking. What they want to do to you and what they want you to do to them. So, when I had a caller the other day, I got right to it. I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was hot, probably has a big cock and that I was definitely going to enjoy this call. I am asked often if I get off on the calls. Well baby that is absolutely up to you. How dirty and how hot you make it and how nasty you can be. The sound of your wet cock drives me wild. My pussy gets soaking, and I can’t help but stroke this perfect kitty cat for you. I lay back on my bed fucking my cunt with a dildo as you stroke your rock-hard cock. I tell you how I want you to shove me to my knees and force your dick deep inside my mouth. Grab the back of my head and fuck my face. Hard and fast, leaving me gasping for air and gagging. The more I gag and the more tears that fall from my eyes the harder you go. I hear you start moaning and I moan louder. We fuck together, driving us both to incredibly hot orgasms. Then you listen as I suck my juices from my dildo. Now that baby is how dirty phone talk works. Can’t wait to play with you.

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