Dirty Phone Talk Gets Me Off

Dirty Phone TalkSince all of this quarantine stuff has been going on, I am relying on your dirty phone talk to get me off. I am adapting to not going out and finding a big fat cock to ride, but it isn’t easy. While I am getting great use of my dildo, I love to hear a voice joining me in on the fun. A hot sexy man to guide me as I masturbate. Using his voice to imagine that it is his hard cock pounding my pussy and squeezing my nipples bringing me to orgasm. My voice guiding him to stroke his firm long dick as he imagines it between my massive breasts or inside my wet juicy pussy. I love it when we get down and dirty and I can hear your moans and hear your wet cock between your hands. I put the phone between my legs so you can hear my sloppy pussy as I ram the dildo deep inside me, as we moan and masturbate together talking dirty to each other as we get off. I need you to help me as much as you need me to help you. Let’s have some fun together as we cum. If you love dirty talking women then you will love me. Just give me a call.

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