Dirty Phone Talk Got Him Off

dirty talking womenWe connected with a little dirty phone talk and it turned into a whole lot more. It was a misdialed number, but we kept talking anyways. We flirted a bit and since I was a tad sexually frustrated as late, I decided to push just a little more. I told him he sounded cute and it went from there. I told him to spit on his hand and then start stroking, pretending that it was my mouth taking that cock deep. I told him I was undressing and laying in the bed gently stroking my pussy and licking my nipples. I described my juicy wet pussy and deep warm wet hole as I put my fingers inside me. He wanted to hear so I moved the phone down to my cunt and continued fingering myself. As he was on speaker, I could hear his wet cock with every stroke. I got out a vibrator and turned it on. He told me to gently glide up and down my clit and I continued fingering my pussy. I could hear his breath get stronger and his moans get louder. I told him I would eat his ass and he explained how he would lift my hips, spread my cheeks and pound my asshole as he grabbed my hair and pulled. There was no holding back and we both orgasmed loudly and fiercely. He told me he didn’t know that dirty talking women could get him off like that. I laughed and told him of course we can, save my number so we can play again. Bet my phone will be ringing again real soon.

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