dirty phone talk got me in trouble

dirty phone talk

I was having some dirty phone talk with a guy I was dating, and my older brother heard me. I was frantic and didn’t want him to tell on me. I begged him if he could keep it between him and me, but he wasn’t listening.
He was going to tell my mom and my dad. I didn’t want to even think of what they would do if they knew that I was talking to guys and that manner.
They would ground me and make sure they would discipline me.
My brother offered up letting me live this one down if I can do something for him. A little quid pro quo.Well, I had to give him the best blowjob ever and we can call it a truce. That was easy I got on my knees and gave my brother the best blowie I could. I had his cock in my mouth, and I was deepthroating him like a good whore. It was so good to have my brother not telling on me and making him realize I’m the m.v.p at bj’s.


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