Dirty phone talk involving preggo teen breeding!

Dirty phone talk involving preggo teen breeding! The dirtiest thing about fucking me, your teen slut, Is that you want to impregnante your own daughter! My little girl body is soft and Small. Your daughter’s skin is smooth and free of blemishes, her curves just starting to develop. You can almost feel the electricity between you as you reach out to touch her.

dirty phone sexDirty phone talk involving preggo teen breeding!

As You position yourself over me, feel your big daddy cock twitching with excitement! Your need for breeding makes you eager to thrust into my young body. Daddy, look down at my face, tears streaming down my little whore cheeks.
Don’t feel guilty, the desire is too strong for you to resist the temptation.

You thrust in me feeling my cunnys warmth and wetness!. You moan in pleasure as you feel the pleasure spread through you.

Your own daughter, lying on the bed, body contorted with fear and disgust, eyes wide and pleading, silently begging you to stop! You ignore her, pushing harder and faster, feeling her tight, warm walls grip your hard cock.
The scent of sweat in the air, mixed with blood and the faint whiff of alcohol.

Dirty talking women of incest AKA Sonya, wants you to feel my wetness coating your cock!

Daddy, I am loving being one of your dirty talking women getting bred! Now I am fighting against the pleasure your causing! But as you can see my orgasm is cumming soon. Your seed will soon splatter my womb and we will be an incest daughter breeder! You feel my walls tighten as your sperm shoots inside knowing I will be pregnant with your baby batter.

You watch as I, your young daughter, collapses in a heap, trembling with daddys seed inside of me! You hold me close, your seed still inside me, and whisper in my ear that I will be your breeding daughter. We fall asleep in each other’s arms, knowing this Taboo phone girls womb will bear you a many brats!

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