Dirty phone talk is what you deserve

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk with a slutty submissive whore like me is exactly what you are craving and exactly what you deserve. I feel so lucky to be on the phone with you while we discuss all the nasty wild shit that you’re going to do to me for being such a naughty skank. I fessed up and told you that I took my anal plug out of my asshole after having it shoved up inside of me for three days straight. I am so sorry but I literally just could not handle it anymore. My butthole was stretching out which caused poop and other bodily fluids to ooze out of me and stream down between my thighs. I know that I promised that I would leave it shoved inside of me until you told me it was okay to take it out Master but the pain was too much to bear. I am so sorry, please forgive me! I know that I deserve all of the punishment that you so eagerly want to inflict upon me. Bend me over and use a whip to spank my ass, I need to be taught a good and hard lesson! Just when I think my whippings are over, you continue to beat me and tell me what a filthy cunt I am since I disobeyed you. Dirty talking women like me are what really tickle your fancy because you can do anything you want with us, especially when I have been such a bad and skanky girl! I deserve everything that I have coming to me!

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