Dirty Phone Talk Obsessed Pervert

I’m an erotic kinktress that assists the Dirty phone talk obsessed with their desires. The filth pig need of nasty taboo topics. I will not be able to contain the filthy things I say when we get on that roller coaster of kink. At the same time if we just aren’t getting to the dirtiest hot shit I will lose all initiative and take you on a special joy ride.

There is no guarantee that you will dig the filth I offer up. But understand when you fail to give me a direction babe, things may go astray. I am a kinky fucking bitch and that means I have hundreds of directions we can go. You are the map to the destination. I guide you on the road trip of carnal pleasures. I am not a mind reader but can certainly take cues and build on the route to make it exciting.

Dirty phone talk

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