Dirty Phone talk p-momma

Dirty phone talk with a woman like me is what you need sometimes. Mommy Elizabeth knows about perverted things, such as incest, breeding and men who need a mommy to help them cum. I do enjoy being used like a mommy whore toy. But I also just love being mommy to my boys and girls. My big milky momma tits are infused with sexy hormones that make any cock of any age pop right up. In the same token of a P-mommy I make little girls’ cunnies wet for you too! I always strive to be the milf with the hottest fun for p-men and baby boys who need a drink at my teet. Drink my magic mommy mil, and watch as my slutkins get horny as fuck! 

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dirty phone talk
See, dirty talking women can be vulgar and raunchy just for the hell of it. Now we can play with my little sissy ladyboy son and daughter and make a dirty p-cock sandwich! Maybe you just want mommy to be a cum filled whore in the mornings before you go to work. I know you being couped up with family activities is making you insane for mommy, or some bratkin slaves. While you wife or girlfriend is out lets get completly filthy, fucked up and party and play! 

Whether I am the cum dumpster or my pre -whores are all that matters is getting you big fat cock off, or you little wittle boy cock off.

I am your fucking taboo Queen of no limits phone sex! Your cock deserves a special treat the whore-a-day season. How about the tightest little wholes with a subby mommy to make you shoot a massive load. Cum one, cum all ye faithful p-daddy Studs!

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