Dirty Phone Talk – Santa’s Lap

While we were out and about getting all our Christmas stuff, baby girl and I came across a quaint little North Pole scene. Santa and his 3 little elves were there, and they were completely alone. So, imagine my surprise when, right there in public, the elves started getting sexy with Santa. Baby girl decided she wanted to stick around in case they would let us join in the festivities, and I was not arguing with that.Dirty phone talk

As we watched, the elves pulled Santa’s cock out of his pants, holding it up and playing with it until it was completely hard. Then, they held the thing up for us to see, showing us that they knew we were there and watching. The elf girls started stripping down, Santa helping each one with various parts of their clothing. Finally, it was time for the down and dirty. They started riding his face, sucking his cock, kissing and fingering each other. Baby girl and I were thoroughly enjoying fingering ourselves through our clothes, but the elves had other ideas. They came over and escorted us up to Santa, and we got to see his huge cock up close and in person. Then, they helped baby girl to sit on Santa’s lap, and she was the first girl penetrated by that massive shaft. She told him all she wanted for Christmas as he plowed up and into her over and over again, making me so fucking hot!! His hand was wrapped around that little tit, and all I could do was fall to my knees and start to lick and suck on their mating bodies. One of the elves got behind me and pulled my hips up so she could eat my ass and cunt, driving me to a quick orgasm. The orgy played out for well over 2 hours, and we had a few passersby who showed interest, but probably didn’t want to be caught showing interest. It was an amazing afternoon!Dirty talking women

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