Dirty phone talk sissy training

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk doesn’t come easy to some of these pathetic sissies and it’s my job and duty to train them otherwise. It’s tough work being Me but somebody has to do it! I have a long waiting list of fag boys who are dying for me to get my hands on them and show them the way. I’m in super high demand, what can I say! Everyone is obsessed with me! I love knowing that I make these losers my bitch boys and keep them wrapped around my finger which is exactly where they belong. So many sissies have not been trained properly or do not even know the first thing to do when it comes to fulfilling their life’s mission of bowing down and surrendering wholly. Show me how willing you are to be a fucked up motherfucker for me. I want to see how you progressively become better and better at your sissy duties as each day passes and you receive more and more training! Dirty talking women like me are your ultimate fantasy, lucky you that you get to indulge!

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