Dirty Phone Talk Sluts

dirty talking womenAre you in the mood for some hot nasty dirty phone talk? I love when I get a hot sexy man wanting to play. I love a hot roleplay. One where they are a stranger at a bar, and we continue to flirt from a distance throughout the night. Then about an hour before closing I make my way over to him and whisper in his ear to meet me behind the bar in 10. He always comes, I mean who could tell me no. Like clockwork he comes out the door. I am leaned against the wall as he comes toward me. He pulls my hands above my head and pushes himself into me as he sticks his tongue down my throat. Then he let’s go of my hands, unbuckles his pants and I reach inside and grab his thick long cock. I start stroking him as he sucks on my tits. He then puts his hand on my head and pushes me to my knees. I worship his cock with my mouth and hands. Stroking and sucking and licking until he is leaking pre-cum. He grabs me by my hair lifting me up and turns me against the wall. He pulls my panties down and rams his cock deep inside me. And that is how fun it is to play with dirty talking women.

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