Dirty Phone Talk Sluts Cut To The Chase

Dirty phone talk when your pussy is getting pounded is about the best you can ask for.  I get really crazy, or so they say. Butd on’t worry babe; if things get too intense or loud, my neighbors won’t hear a thing over the sound of our moans and groans. Trust me, they’re used to it by now. I love when you treat me like a dirty little slut and I love acting like one even more.  Taking your cock out, already rock hard and getting to work on this cunt that needs fucked, atta boy!

Oh yeah, that’s it! Stick that right in my slut hole and treat me like a bad whore in church.

You know just how much I love it when you take charge. Toss me around I don’t give fuck, it makes my cunt feel even better.  Slap a bitch if it makes your cock hard, that’s what I’m here for.  Use and abuse the fuck out of my body and I’ll do the same our Fuck that tight pussy and treat me like a little whore on Christmas! Don’t stop now…I need more of your cock inside me. It feels so good sliding in and out of my tight pussy. This sloshing from my cum making it like your are swimming in there, but oh it’s so good!. Fucking hell yes! That spot right there – keep hitting it again and again until I can’t think straight anymore. Let’s take fuck my brains out to a whole new level baby!

Pound my ass like you do my pussy. I need every slut hole treated like the slut I am.  Stretch my ass out and make me bleed, I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow because your cock filled me up so good today.

Oh the hot phonesex we will have, give this slut a ring sooner rather than later!

Dirty phone talk

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