Dirty phone talk Snuff Queen Angie is more than dirty.

Dirty phone talk

          Dirty phone talk Snuff Queen Angie is more than dirty. Naughty stories are bandied about of threesomes, foursomes, and anything else imaginable. Obviously, the women I talk with are either interested in being a victim or they are also experienced in the art of snuff.

          Now you will learn I love to take the lead, inflict pain, and I am a fighter. Knowing how to break bones, touching on the most dangerous of the taboo. The seven deadly sins are indulged in often.

          Obviously, I revel in all of them constantly.

           Which leads down a dangerous path. A path where dirty talking women form a threesome with you and do all seven of those deadly sins.

          First is lust. You will lust, crave, and beg to be near me.

          Second is Gluttony. OH me oh my. You really do know how to over indulge in me. Bringing you to heel at my feet.

          Third is Greed. Your need to possess more than you need. You will want more and more. Never being satisfied.

          Fourth is Sloth. You will be lazy, do the least amount, and cut out early. All to get home to us women who have thoroughly corrupted you.

          Fifth is Wrath. “Hahaha” Now this one is truly resplendent. You already have the rage and anger. I simply encourage it brought forth.

          Sixth is Envy. Oh how you will envy the attention I give to any other. Same as the women. Wanting it all to yourself.

          Finally we come to the seventh and that is Pride. I will break that pride and encourage it at the same time. You know what they say, “Pride cometh before the fall.” Beware of Taboo phone girls with Snuff Queen Angie. You may not come out as you came in.

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