Dirty phone talk the Business Trip

Dirty phone talkYou’re off on a business trip and I miss you so much. I know we’ve only been dating for a short while but you’re just so perfect for me. A brother I can date and fuck without the world thinking badly of us (as long as we keep it our secret) and I’ve gotten used to your attention. Your cock fucking me, your laughter as I tell you the way my brothers are taking their jealousy out on me. But, you gotta eat and you like to spoil me. So… We’re on the best we can do. Laptops and webcams were on you had your cock in your hand. Stroking up and down your cock as you watched me naked on the bed. I’ve been playing with my nipples. Pulling, pinching, twisting, and squeezing my tits. “Show me your pussy baby.” you gasp, the pre-cum leaking from your cock making my pussy so wet. I grabbed the glass dildo we bought togethered and licked and sucked on the top shivering as I heard you groan. I don’t think you’ve ever wanted to be glass so bad. I dragged that tip of the toy down my chest, circled my nipple with it, then down my belly as I lowered my camera so it focused between my thighs. My pussy shiny with wetness and so ready to be fucked. I saw your cock throb as the glass dildo reached the top of my pussy, sliding it between my lips spreading them and going toward my pussy, pushing into me. I moan, biting my bottom lip. The glass dildo spreading me open. Moving inside of me. It feels so good, imagining you fucking me I pulled the toy out to the very tip then plunged it back into me. Moving harder and faster the wet sounds of pussy being fucked. I kept pace with your hand, my orgasm building and building. I was so close and by the way your cock is leaking and your breathing. It’s making it so much harder to wait with you so we can cum at the same time. Eventually I can’t hold back, my orgasm crashing through me. Your orgasm following mine. Cumming together, I can almost forget you’re away.

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