Dirty phone talk wife

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk from naughty wives who play with other men. Now, as you know I have made a career out of being a gang bang whore. I have offspring from my late night whoring and don’t really give a fuck who I take in my pussy, ass or throat. I live to please my pussy, but there cums a time where a whore must marry to support her brats. And Finding man who still lets me fuck is fucking golden. I follow in my mothers footsteps of fucking her sons now, and anyone who would give her some coke or cash.

My father loved her taking cock, and I have found a man who is just like good ole pops. He lets me strip, and hook in the VIP rooms and enjoys my cum filled cunt afterwards. But this slutty wife does give him something in return, and that’s all the pleasure he could have from being a cuckolded husband who likes taboo things! 


Dirty talking women like me have a very interesting sex life, and we just want to spread the love by spreading our legs!

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