Dirty phone talk with a breeder brat

dirty phone talk

Daddy just left my room, so my cunnie is slap full of his special cream right now! He heard his dirty phone talk slut getting nasty on a call and just had to come watch. I love when Daddy watches me tease my pussy while I’m talking dirty to these guys. He knows that he has to stay quiet, so he just sits next to me on the bed and jerks his stiff cock the entire time. I spend the whole time teasing him and trying to get him to fuck me. I rub my clit and finger my fuck hole to drive him crazy. My slutty cunnie always gets so wet from watching his dick get hard for me! I didn’t even finish my call before he was spreading my legs and ramming his cock into me. At that point, neither of us could hold back so I let my caller listen to me begging Daddy to dump a huge load in me and knock me up! I can’t even explain how much it turns me on to make Daddy and another man cum for me at the same time but I would love to show you!


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