Dirty phone talk With A Cougar

Dirty phone talk

You know you love us cougars and our Dirty phone talk.  We, in turn, love our cubs.  Young men who want to learn how to fuck the proper way come to me for just that purpose.  Younger women are good for fucking, but if you really want to satisfy your cock, then an older women is what you need my sweet.

When I was at the grocery story a few weeks ago I noticed a bag boy looking at me while I was in line.  He smiled at me and I smiled back at him.  I decided to flirt a little bit and see how far I could go without anyone else noticing.  I grabbed my right tit with my hand and gently squeezed it, he started to grin.

I made a big deal of bending over my cart to grab my items to put on the belt.  He was looking at my ample ass as I did so.  I looked back at him over my shoulder and blew him a kiss.  I stood up and noticed that the guy behind me was looking at my tits, but I wasn’t interested in him.  I was interested in the bag boy.

I could tell that he had a nice body under his white shirt.  His arms were so nicely shaped, they looked rather strong.  I paid for my things then the woman who checked me out asked if I needed help to my car.  I told her I did, and requested that the guy who bagged my groceries do it. 

We walked out together and when we got to my car I opened the back of my SUV and put my things in.  I asked him if he wanted a tip, he said I didn’t have to do that, but I insisted.  I told him to get in the SUV.  He looked over his shoulder at the store then climbed in the back seat.  I kept the door over, leaned over and sucked his cock. 

It didn’t take too much time before he came in my mouth.  He wrote down his apartment address and told me to stop by later after 9 p.m. because his room mate would be gone by then.  I in turn wrote down mine and I told him I didn’t have a room mate and we could fuck as much as he wanted if he came to place instead.  That night he showed up,  showered, and sexy as fuck. I will let you figure out what happened, but I now have a new cub.

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