Dirty Phone Talk with a Dirty Mommy

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk is all I know. I was not raised in a proper family. I ran away as a young school girl because I hated my step daddy. I ended up marrying a guy just like him only wealthy and not a smelly drunk. Both my step dad and my husband liked young jail bait cunnie. Anyway, I ended up hooking on the streets for several years. Once I was 18, I was hooked on coke and starring in porn. Once I married my porn producer husband, I retired so I could raise a bunch of little fuck toys for daddy. My life doesn’t lend itself to vanilla talk. I have so much fun being a amongst the best dirty talking women. Because of my life, I am in this business now because I know there are P perverts like my husband and my step daddy who like to do naughty things to little girls. Confession. So, do I. In fact, I like to help. I have 4 daughters and access to many more young girls; any age you like, I can get. My husband took the virginity of my daughters, but I watched and helped. I had been grooming them for daddy’s dick since they were crawling. I love cleaning up little girl pussy and ass that is filled with man seed. I make a great accomplice. My husband was much older than me, but I owe him everything. He saved me from being a strung out drug addict living on the streets. He found use for my only skill. He made me a porn star and a dirty mommy. He died last year, but now I have phone perverts to help me do naughty things to those young angels. If you like dirty mommies and young girls, this dirty taking woman wants to talk.

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