Dirty phone talk with a hot Mistress

dirty phone talk

Who doesn’t love a little dirty phone chat fun with a hot, mistress slut?! Miss Remi is always on the hunt for the next sissy, he-bitch to train and turn out! I have plenty of bbc studs on call and we always need new fuck toys to play with. Don’t try to act like a real man when we both know you’re far from it. I’ve been a slut trainer for such a long time that I can always spot a cock loving, faggot! I’m in the mood to have fun with a cum craving, whore tonight and you look like my next sissy girl! I’m going to train that itty bitty dickie of yours to get stiff for bbc and turn you into a cock sleeve slut. You’re going to look so pretty as my little cock sucking, ball draining bitch! I’ll put you in a pair of my cum soaked panties and then rub the front of them, teasing your little clit while you gag and choke on a giant, fat fuck rod! Let Miss Remi show you how to hold those big, thick veiny cocks and how to work your lips and tongue around them like a true slut. Get them nice and hard and get ready to have your throat pumped! I’ll hold your pretty face while it’s getting fucked and tell you what a good cock milker you’re becoming. Once my studs see how magical that pretty mouth is, they’re going to want to hold you down and let Miss Remi pull those panties down and unwrap you like a gift to their hard cocks! I’ll hold your sweet cheeks open, guiding a huge cock into your tight, puckered cum hole while another punches the back of your throat and makes you gag on it. Don’t you think you’re long overdue to be trained? I think that secret craving for hot cum in your mouth says it all…


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