Dirty phone talk with Barbie

dirty phone sex


Big bitch Barbie is back for some dirty phone talk and a wild time! I’m in the mood to get you all stiff and hard and then take your hot load to the back of my throat. Once I choke that creamy load down, I’m going to bend over and let you ram your giant fuck stick into my tight little cum hole. I want you to fill every single one of my holes with your thick cream and then lick it all up as it drips back out of me. Once I lick you clean, I’ll suck you hard for round 2. This time I want that big, hard dick in my thick ass. I’ll spread these big, sexy cheeks while you pound me so hard that your cum filled balls slap against my clit. You can have this big, sexy bitch however you want me. Just promise that you will fill all of my dirty fuck holes with your hot gravy! Speaking of gravy, this sexy slut is hungry. I’ll grab a snack, while you grab the phone. Talk to you soon baby!

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