Dirty phone talk with Barbie

dirty phone talk

I’m Barbie, the freakiest, dirty phone talk slut in the south. You might have heard about me or seen my number around town. I’m a prissy, plump slut who’s well known for being a nasty freak! My neighbors don’t even complain anymore when they hear the constant slam of my headboard against the wall. They know it’s just “Bend over Barbie” getting her fill. Everyone knows that I spend every day and night getting my sloppy, wet pussy and asshole filled with cum. I can’t go 20 minutes without thinking about a throbbing cock inside of me. Even at work, I sneak off to the bathroom to meet up with my manager. His sweet, innocent wife won’t do half of the nasty things I do for him. His thick, hard cock is curved just right and it’s so hard for me to resist. It perfectly hits the spot that makes me squirt all over his balls! I always make sure to lick and suck his cock clean after he fucks me. It’s no secret that I’m his favorite employee. I earn my fat quarterly bonus the easy way.


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