Dirty Phone Talk With China Doll

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know exactly what you want with only a few words from you. China Doll is a kinky nasty whore who loves to please you. Sometimes I am feeling dominate and sometimes I am feeling submissive. I take my cue from you baby. I love to make you my bitch and do with you what I please. The thought of a petite little doll using you is hot, isn’t it?

However, sometimes you want to be in control. Grab me by the hair and throw my little body around, pushing me to my knees and hitting my cheeks with your big thick wet cock. I instinctively open my mouth and you shove your dick deep inside of my throat. You grab the back of my head and hold it tight as you throat fuck me hard. I gag and choke and tears run from my eyes, but I remain still so that I can please you. Taste you warm salty cum streams as they fill my mouth. So, baby the choice is yours. Would you like to be my bitch tonight or would you like me to be your whore? Either way will be hot, and I can’t wait to have some dirty phone talk with you.

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