Dirty phone talk with Daddy makes me wet

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk with Daddy makes me sooo fucking wet! The two of us have the most incredible daddy/daughter relationship together. We love each other so deeply and passionately, I have never felt a love so intensely for someone like how I feel for my Daddy. No one has ever made me feel like such a skanky teen slut like how he has. We love to get nasty with one another and he really does enjoy how I have a filthy mouth that I love to talk shit and suck his cock with. He’s turned me into his precious little cum whore that he can dump endless loads of baby batter inside of! Daddy loves dirty talking women but there is no one that he loves more than his sexy little incest loving daughter! I always make sure to please him in every way that I can and keep him satisfied in every sexual way possible. He has a really high sex-drive and is a lot to keep up with but thankfully I am a horny little hoe as well!

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