Dirty Phone Talk with Gorean Slave

Dirty phone talkMaster and I sometimes play at me being his Gorean slave. During these times, I don’t do anything without being told to do so. Master picks all my clothes, what I eat, how I prepare what I eat, when I go to the bathroom, every little detail of my day is subject to his will. I am not allowed to do anything or have any independent thought without Master telling me to. So, when he told me that I was to be his human toilet, I was all too happy to oblige! I sat on the floor and stripped my clothes off like he instructed. Erotic sex storiesI opened my mouth and leaned my head back as far as I could. He squatted over my face and started to take the biggest, filthiest shit I could imagine right over my face. Some of it landed in my mouth, but some of it landed in a pile on my face. Master told me to leave it, that I could clean it up when he was done. When he had finished, he let me scoop every bit that hadn’t made it into my mouth and eat it, then had me lick his ass clean. The loving, kind Master that he is, he gave me the most delicious piss to swallow it down with. I can’t wait to play with Master again!

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