Dirty Phone Talk With Haley

I’m a filthy fucking party whore of a mommy that gets off on dirty phone talk. Yeah, I got knocked up young and that did not stop my partying at all! I have been making money from the offspring by pimping her out!

How can I pimp her out? Well we have been training her to suck cock from the start and even had her drinking cum at the early stages of her conditioning. Training and conditioning has been a few years in the works and now that she can get that young cunt fucked it has paid off.

Dirty Phone TalkBetween the two of us we have taken on many hard cocks together and it’s just the sort of thing we can get into with no limits phone sex. I bet you have a filthy little roleplay fantasy going on in that head of yours, don’t you?

I love to share my slut with my men and share my men with my slut. Your welcome to play with us.

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