Dirty phone talk with Janie

dirty phone talk

Every night, after a long day of riding hard, throbbing cocks and getting my fill of cum, I come home and get freaky with guys on the phone. They love what a dirty phone talk slut I can be the fact that my hot pussy squirts so much for them. Even between calls, I’ve been going hard as fuck, teasing my pretty little clit and craving another fat, stiff cock in my tight, cum dump fuck hole! Sometimes I invite guys over so that I can blow them or they can fuck me while I take these calls. Making 2 guys cum for me at the same time gets my slutty fuck box so wet! I’ll stay on the phone after he fucks me so that you can listen as I get down on my knees to suck him clean. I’ll lay back, spread my legs and beg him to piss right onto my clit. I’m going to be his hot cum filled piss slut. Listen to me moan as I cum under that golden stream!


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