Dirty phone talk with Jessica

dirty phone talkMy son came to my house last night and he was pissed. He heard that I had been on the phone being a slut and getting men off with my dirty phone talk. He said that since I was acting like a nasty whore, he was going to treat me like one. He bound my hands and feet and tied me to a chair with a huge ball gag, stretching my jaws wide open. I could feel my lips cracking and starting to bleed because the ball gag was too big. He got on the phone and invited a bunch of his friends over. He told them to make sure they come ready to force fuck an old worn out whore. I sat there, tied to the chair all night long and got tortured and abused by his friends. They would walk by and spit or piss on me. They slapped me and pinched my tits. A few of them jerked their cocks and shot cum all over my face. My son watched and laughed. He let them turn my house into a party house. They were doing drugs and dumping cum into my holes. This was more extreme than any other time he has humiliated me in front of his friends. This time he let them do whatever they wanted to me and it lasted overnight and well into the next day. After he felt like I had been punished enough for being a phone whore, he took me into the bathroom. He made me ride his cock right there on the bathroom floor. Cum leaked all over him as I rode him. He blasted his load deep into mommy’s used up, cummy cunt.



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