Dirty phone talk with Julie!

dirty phone talk

My brother and me were the only ones home today. I went into his room and saw him stroking his cock. I could not help but to be so turned on watching him. He finally looked up and saw me there! He got so mad at me. I swore I would not tell mommy or daddy about it.

That was not good enough for him though. He told me to prove it! He demanded that I get on my hands and knees and lick and lap at his ass hole with my tongue. I spread his ass cheeks and I did what I was told. I started tongue fucking his shit hole. I licked up and down his ass crack, on his taint, and I even sucked on hit nuts.

He finally picked me up by my hair and threw my on his bed. “Jerk my fucking dick off and make it feel good.” I spread my pussy waiting for his cock to enter me.

He slammed his cock deep inside of me and I squeezed my tight pussy hole around it. I let him fill me up and stretch me out. He pulled out of my pussy and got on my face. He shoved his cock in my mouth and blew his cum load straight into my tummy!

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